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Our main product is Wood-Fiber Plate (HARDBOARD) manufactured by wet way technology.

It is intended for use: in construction, in manufacture of furniture, in housing construction, in car building, in motor industry, and also for packaging.

Boards are of mark TS, group A/B, with thickness of 3.0 mm, according to GOST 4598-86.

The angular and linear sizes tolerance:
- On length / width ± 3,0 mm
- On thickness ± 0,3 mm
- On a corner ± 0,057
Tolerance for the linear sizes less than 500 mm ± 1 mm

Standard dimensions:
2140х1220х3,0 mm
2140х1525х3,0 mm
2140х1700х3,0 mm
2140х3050х3,0 mm
1220x2440x3.2 mm
1220x2745x3.2 mm

1220х2440х3,0 мм
1700х2745х3,0 мм
and others according to clients request.

Figured pieces:
Rounds (max diameter 2140 mm)
Rings (min inner diameter 50 mm)
Peaces for “tomato/fruit boxes” with 2 or all cut corners.

Max loading quantity to the truck / 20' container is 8 200 m2 / 22 000 kg
Max loading quantity to the maffi trailer is 10 000 m2 / 30 000 kg

Standard packing
Boards are stored on a one-time-use pallets, joint with a metal stripe and covered with stretch film.

Our Hardboard panels are natural product, free of hazardous substances, do not contain or emit formaldehyde and can be used in contact with foodstuffs.

Other products
- Low quality hardboard
- Softboard
- Timber:  spruce, pine, larch
- Wood chips
- MgO-board (fire- and water resistant board for outdoor and indoor using)


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